I am interested in creating various media contents including writings, videos, photography, art and crafts, and radio. Here are some pieces of my works. Enjoy!


I like writing in my pastime. My topics and styles are quite diverse and inclusive. It is a wonderful way to express my feelings and thoughts and record experiences and "ah ha" moments. Thus, a journal is a must-have item for me when I am traveling. Read more →
WeVideo, Imovies, and Adobe Premier are the tools that I am comfortable using for more professional works. I have been teaching myself how to create and edit fun interesting videos during my free time. Read more →
I take photography as another form of art, which encourages creativity and attention to details. Read more →
Art and Craft were my first and most impactful interest in my personal growth and character developments. I love playing with colors, lights, various materials and creating something that is unique to me. Read more →