Arts + Crafts

10947567_1006049596076483_2127888739_n.jpgArts and Crafts were my first and most impactful interest in my personal growth and character developments. I love playing with colors, lights, various materialss and creating something that is unique to me. I learn to use my resources in efficient manners and creatively solve unexpected problems on the way.

My interests in Art and Craft also led to my pursuit of entrepreneurship when I open my first online shop at the age of 13 to sell my creations. I sold my “aesthetic” handmade products such as home goods, cosmetics, jewelry at school and then on Facebook. I learned to promote my products and basic social media marketing, manage my finance, and the circle of business during the years running my business.

At the age of 18, I could continue expanding my business or pursuing higher education and learn more about business and the world. Well, the funds/profits from my business ended up consumed by my college tuition, but I believe that knowledge has brought me many important lessons, skills, and lifetime relationships.


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