I like writing in my pastime. My topics and styles are quite diverse and inclusive. It is a wonderful way to express my feelings and thoughts and record experiences and "ah ha" moments. Thus, a journal is a must-have item for me when I am traveling. 


Published Articles

Prague TV is an online entertainment news magazine in Prague. In my semester abroad in Prague, I had a chance to improve and practice my journalistic writing skill with a former editor of the L.A. Times on the contemporary culture of Prague and the Czech Republic. This is a collection of some of my published works on the site. Read more →

Research Prososal

Topic: The Influence of Superhero Movies’ Protagonists on Male Body Image (final paper in Media Study Capstone). Most of the popular superheroes, like Superman and Captain America, are portrayed as the extreme of the male body: muscular, well-defined, and tall, which are unattainable for most men. This research attempt to look for the causal relationship between exposure to unrealistic superhero body on the media and men’s negative body image via studying the participants’ level of body satisfaction, body esteem, and self-esteem. Read more →