No Border VR room

This project brings Virtual Reality tools (HTC Vive) to the Center for Global Education at St. Norbert. Our vision is to bring the world to the campus and surrounding community in the most realistic way using Google Earth and its applications (Demo). We want this to be an opportunity for everyone to explore, learn, and ultimately motivate them to take actions whether it is traveling, learning a new language, or realizing their place in the world out there.

I helped with setting up the device’s hardware and software, training student workers, and planning educational events incorporating the technology. We have used this room for International celebration events, hosting Language classes like Spanish, and inviting Studying abroad students to visit their desired countries and learn about it.

We are hoping to make this room more interactive with a webcam to let international students communicate with their family and home institutions, as well as hosting meetings with studying abroad students with our current students/ faculties to learn about what they experiencing and extend a feeling of communio accross the border.


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