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Domain 101

What is a domain? The definition I found with my Googling technique was that it is:

“An area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government.”

An online domain is literally the virtual property that you own and rule as if it was physical property ( such as land). It is your decision what you want it to be: an empty lot, an industrial park, a beautiful house, etc. Your domain can be as public or private as you want it to be. Your domain can also represent your online identity (try Googling yourself).

“Your domain is your right as well as your responsibility” – Autumm, my Domain mentor.

It’s true. Taking on your own domain means that you will have more freedom to customize your site, but you are also responsible for what you put on it. I was frustrated several times when I first moved to my domain (unpacking, decoration and getting to know your new landlord, etc.), but the benefit definitely outweighs the responsibility if you give yourselves enough time to love it. Once I accepted my theme, it took me about one week to get comfortable with it because I am very particular about how I want my site/identity to look and what emotions it conveys. After watching a two-hour Youtube video about my theme, I am confident to say that I have an intimate relationship with my theme (Sydney) by now.

As a college student, learning how to create my digital identity is a part of my job, but it is also an intrinsic motivation to put myself out there,  archive my experience, and showcase my works. Plus the original resume or CV (for employment opportunities) has some obvious limits in translating your experience and skills to potential employers into a page or two of paper. For instance, my “video editing skill” can either be like Titanic the movie or a 6-second Vine on paper. The domain provides an efficient and visual way for me to market myself.

My last advice for everyone out there that are thinking of making their own domain is:

Don’t afraid to make mistake, experiment, make some wrong choices, and Learn. You can always do it again.

There are a zillion things that a domain can do for you. Take your time and create.

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  1. Hey Tran – I LOVE that you are doing so much with your domain. From a technical standpoint but also engaging with these larger concepts of ownership and responsibility. Those can get rather philosophical, complex, and have multiple meanings – so it is wonderful to see you engaging with these topics. Have you read Audrey Watters’ The Web We Need to Give Students? It is a great article that talks about the importance of domains in education. I’d love to know what you think of it https://brightthemag.com/the-web-we-need-to-give-students-311d97713713

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