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WordPress: Manage Your Media

Visual aids like photos and videos are an indispensable part of an appealing website. Here are some simple steps to upload, edit, and manage your media on WordPress.

Upload your media:

  • Hover to the left on Media > Add New
  • You can choose to upload your image/video by drag-and-drop or click on Select File

  • For post embedded photos: Another way that I would choose to upload my media is to get a plug-in for uploading from URL and have your photos hosted on sites like Flickr or Imgur. I find this more helpful because I don’t have to store all of my photos in a physical computer for this.


Manage your media

  • Media > Library > Choose the image 
  • You can find the image URL
  • Change title
  • Add Caption
  • Add Description
  • View page,  Delete, or Edit Image

Edit your photos

  • Click Edit Image
    • Crop: The default setting is that can crop your image by click on the image, hold, drag-and-crop. You’ll need to click on the Crop icon in the top left corner to finish cropping it
    • By drag-and-crop you can also enter the ideal size (px) that you want to cut the image at the right sidebar
    • To crop within a set ratio, you’ll need to enter the ratio, hold the Shift button and drag-and-crop
    • Flip: left upper corner icon
    • Rotate: left upper corner icon
    • Scale: On the right sidebar, you can scale your image down to the size that would be ideal for your usage, it’ll keep your ratio constant
    • Remember to click Save / Update to save your change. Once it is saved, you can’t reverse that action, so please have a backup image of origin stored some other place.

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