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WordPress: Users and Subscribers

Different types of Users and how to manage your subscribers.

I’m working with some of the student organizations on campus to use domains/Wordpress  as a better way to market as well as document their projects, fun trips, and interesting events. Different types of users like Contributor, Editor, and Admin can be different people that can contribute and collaborate to the website.

What are the users?

Administrator– This is quite self-explanatory. Admin (like who I am to my site juniecao.com) has all the power in the world. You can customize the appearance, plug-ins, settings, contact, write and edit posts, change almost everything about the website. So, if you own the site, you want to consider before adding your roommate as the second admin to your site.

Editor – This is the second most powerful position. The editor has the right to edit anything post-wise like category, tag, write and edit posts.

Author – Can edit, write and publish only their posts.

Contributor – They can write posts and edit their posts, but need approval for publishing them.

These are very helpful tools to add people that can collaborate to make the website more polished and well-managed, especially for an organization’s or group’s website.

Subscriber- They are mostly the audiences. For instance, they will get a notification if you post a new blog post.

How to add a new user/ Manage your users

  1. In your Dashboard interface, click on Users on the left sidebar. 
  2. You can see the different people with their roles (like Admin, Editor, Contributor, Subscriber) here
    • Click View/Edit or double-click on the person’s name to see more information like email address and change their current settings
  3. To add users: Choose Add New > Fill out the information, you can choose a password for them or let them reset the password to their desire. 
  4. WordPress will send an email to your new user about their information and how to log into the interface

For more information: here’s WordPress guide for users (link).

Subscribers & how to get them?

Like Autumm mentions in Know Your Audience, it is important to know who will be reading your writings or looking at your site to tailor it accordingly. Then, it comes to how to reach your audiences keep them engaged. Being a Marketing major, I’ve learned the first lesson of loyalty and branding:

Repeat or Loyal customers are more engaged and save you lots of money and time.

Instead of going too much into the rabbit hole of analyzing why we need to keep our audiences aware of who we are and continue following our website, I will discuss more some simple ways you can add subscribers.

One way to get subscribers is to ask them for their email address and personal information and you can add those in the form above, but it is not the most efficient way. There are many plug-ins that can create a subscribe form as a widget. The one that I currently use is called “Email Subscribers and Newsletter.” It creates a nice template for subscribe’s forms as widgets and gives the tool to manage your message to subscribers and tailor your messages to make the more personal. Here’s my footer’s widget:


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