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What I do as a Student Coordinator

I have been working with SNC Information Technology Services for most of my college career. Holding a coordinating position in the department is an amazing opportunity for me to practice and improve my leadership ability, communication skills, adaptability, and responsibility. This sounds pretty vague, so what exactly do I do as a Student Coordinator? Other than the usual tasks that all student consultants do, such as learning new technology and consulting other students, I also in charge of assisting communication, student workers, and event planning.

Technology Learning and Consulting

The opportunity to learn the new technology is one of the best things about working at the Tech Bar. My job is to assist students and faculties with their technological projects, such as video production and domain ownership. I have to work outside of my comfort zone. It increases my ability to learn quickly and improve my organizational communication skills.


Other than coordinating with our student workers, I also take the initiative to communicate about what we do across campus. Tech Bar is a relatively new project created to help students and faculty develop and improve their digital competency. We provide a large range of skills and assistance to many students, such as strategic web and database searching, audiovisual analysis and production, digital ownership, and digital writing and publishing. One of the most important tasks is to teach the skills and not doing the work for the students. For instance, we offer new skills’ workshops, information about certificates (Google Educator Certificate), and feedbacks/ suggestions for student’s digital creations. I teach our missions and offered technology training opportunities to different departments and organizations on campus to spread the word about the new technological tools that can improve their efficiency and students’ success.

As a side job, I also created posters and other promotional materials for workshops and the Tech Bar.

Workshops and Materials

After initiating our projects, often I organize ideas, keep in touch with the department, and eventually facilitate training and workshops about technology and digital competencies. Sometimes it is a campus-wide event, sometimes it is a student organization’s workshop. I usually keep all of the “Tech Bar emails” in separate folders dedicated to the certain project.

I usually sent a “pre-workshop” survey to participants to see what they’ve learned, what they need, and what I can bring to the table so that we won’t be “preaching to the choir”. I also want to get the feedback for our workshops from participants, so I usually include a bitly link to a short Google survey at the end of each workshop. To me, the analytical data is important to help improve our assistance, as well as potentially being the results to show the top management board our effectiveness. All the information about the workshop is stored in a folder including the data from the surveys and other presentation materials. I do this to share the folders with our targeted departments and provide them the information they need after each workshop.


I appreciate the management and recruiting experience this position provides me. I keep a look on the Tech Bar’s calendar and help with arranging student workers’ schedules, find substitutes, make sure meeting times, appointments, and special events included on the calendar. I also communicate with students about their tasks, offer assistance, and take note of their challenges and successes. In addition, I also have a chance to sit in and offer my opinions about new recruits and other student workers’ matters.

Other than learning new technological tools, the unique experience of managing a new initiative gives a better look at my capacity to work, especially under pressure, multitasking, and utilizing my leadership skills to contribute in a meaning project that could create real changes for students on campus. I am happy to have the opportunity to learn and grow from this on-campus positions.

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